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Storing asparagus

Storing asparagus

Asparagus can be frozen for extended periods, cut or whole. To store, blanch fresh asparagus for up to two minutes (depending on the spear size). Then, immediately place the spears in cold water until cool (a few minutes). Finally, drain your spears, wrap them tightly in plastic food wrap and place them in the freezer. They should keep for several months while you find the time to make something delicious with them.

This is how NOT to store asparagus spears:

Photo courtesy of ninetyseven at Flickr.com.

For short-term storage solutions, some sources suggest wrapping thoroughly washed asparagus in air-tight plastic and placing a moist paper towel over their cut ends in the vegetable crisper. I have had luck with just the moist paper towel layers wrapped around the cut tips. The asparagus I have stored in this manner last up to two weeks.